A mystery ….

29 11 2012

It is yet another bloggin Friday … I’m guessing that I am more excited than you about this. Let me know if I am wrong. I picked this title because right now I am reading a book from this, my favourite, genre.

I am reading “1st To Die” by James Patterson. Yup, same author who writes the Maximum Ride series for teens. This is not a teen series. This book is the first in a series. It starts of with a gruesome murder of a newlywed couple as they arrive in their honeymoon suite at the hotel. A group of four professional women and friends, a homicide inspector, a medical examiner, an assistant DA and a reporter, work together to solve this mystery.

I’ve selected a few sentence starters for you to respond to as you think of YOUR book.  Scan the list below and choose 4 of these to answer.  Please write at least 3 sentences for each one.  When you’re done, find a cool picture to add to your post.  Choose something that goes with one of the questions you answered.

1. I was surprised when… because… (Here’s mine: I was surprised when the opening paragraph stated that one of the main characters was standing on her balcony with her service revolver pointed to her head. What a way to start a story! I admit, thought, that it intrigued me immediately and I wanted to find out what would possess her to do that.)

2. I was confused about… because…

3. I learned the most about the main character (choose one) from: (Mrs. H: from her thoughts. The book is written from the first person point of view so I, as the reader, get to listen to her thoughts as well as hear her dialogue with other characters. It is in Lindsey’s thoughts that you learn about her feelings and how she goes about solving this gruesome crime)



-other characters

-his/her thoughts

Explain your answer :)

4. This book reminds me of _____________(another book/movie) because…

5. I learned… (something about life or how people get along)

6. Something I learned about how to write is…   l learned this from… (Mrs. H: I learned that it is important to grab the reader’s attention at the beginning. Having an interesting opening makes the reader want to read more to find out what is going to happen. I learned this from the opening few paragraphs of this book. I was totally hooked and wanted to know why Lindsay would have this reaction.)

7. I didn’t like… because…

8.  The setting makes me feel… because…

9. I now understand…

10. If I were __________(character), I would… because…

11. A question I have is…   A possible answer is…

12.  My favorite section of the book is… because…

13.  A question I have for the author is… (Mrs. H: How on earth did you come up with this story line? Newlywed murders isn’t something that is in everyone’s thoughts. On that note, murder isn’t on everyone’s mind. )

14. I would/would not recommend this book  because…

Note: I will mark you for how you explain your answers, so be sure to give examples and details.  There is no wrong answer here, but you need to take time to EXPLAIN yourself :)

 Can’t wait to read your blog!!

Love, Mrs. H




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