One of my favourites .. so far it doesn’t dissapoint!

6 12 2012

It’s Friday!!! That means blogging !!! I’m guessing that I am probably way more excited about that than you .. let me know if I”m wrong. This week I’ve been reading a mystery by one of my favourite authors, Kathy Reichs. Do you watch the TV show “Bones”? It is based on her character, Tempe Brennan. Bones are forever

I’ve selected a few sentence starters for you to respond to as you think of YOUR book.  Scan the list below and choose 4 of these to answer.  Please write at least 3 sentences for each one.  When you’re done, find a cool picture to add to your post.  Choose something that goes with one of the questions you answered.

1. I was surprised when… because… (Here’s mine: I was surprised when I realized that this book is about baby bones. So far Tempe has found 4 dead infants, all killed by their mother (same mother for each baby). As a mother myself, I cannot begin to imagine hurting my own child, yet alone kill it. Although the first few weeks of having a baby are a HUGE adjustment, every day gets better.)

2. I was confused about… because…

3. I learned the most about the main character (choose one) from:



-other characters

-his/her thoughts

Explain your answer :)

4. This book reminds me of _____________(another book/movie) because…

5. I learned… (something about life or how people get along)

6. Something I learned about how to write is…   l learned this from…

7. I didn’t like… because… (I didn’t like when the author described, in detail, what the state of the bodies were. For some reason I find reading about dead adults much easier than dead babies. Probably because a baby is so innocent and has no way of protecting themselves. Emotionally it was very difficult to read.)

8.  The setting makes me feel… because… (Here’s mine: The setting makes me feel comfortable, because I’ve been there.  Reich’s books are usually set in Montreal, which is a city I love. I’ve been to the downtown area where Tempe works. This time Tempe has travelled to Edmonton. It is neat to read about places where you’ve been – like West Edmonton Mall – which is described in the book. It’s also neat that such a famous author would set her book in Alberta. It almost makes you feel like you’re walking along with the characters because you’ve been on those streets.)

9. I now understand…

10. If I were __________(character), I would… because…

11. A question I have is…   A possible answer is…

12.  My favorite section of the book is… because…

13.  A question I have for the author is…

14. I would/would not recommend this book  because… (I would recommend this book for any adult who likes shows like CSI, Criminal Minds or any other type of mystery. It’s well written, detailed and the mystery is always interesting. Tempe is an excellent main character, because she is a professional woman and has realistic feelings. I really enjoy that the author throws “real life” things in the book that Tempe has to deal with. )

Note: I will mark you for how you explain your answers, so be sure to give examples and details.  There is no wrong answer here, but you need to take time to EXPLAIN yourself :)

cartoon-christmas-dancing-santaEnjoy your weekend!!

Love, Mrs. H




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