Finally … a reading response

8 03 2013

 It's%20About%20Time%20logo%20for%20STWelcome back to blogging! It’s been a while .. I look forward to reading about what you’ve been reading. This week I’ve been reading a book by my very favourite author of all time: Anne Perry. sunless seaShe has not disappointed!

William & Hester Monk & Oliver Rathbone are back solving a gruesome murder. This time Opium is involved.

Here’s what you need to do today: 1. Write a short blurb about your book,

2. List one big idea that your book makes you think about (a theme),

3. Find a cool picture for each idea that represents it and write a few sentences to explain why you chose the picture.

Check out the rest of my post … then get started on your own.


 This pictures represents love that’s been lost. The character, Dinah, who has been arrested for murder, believed in and loved her husband more than anything in the world. She allowed herself to be arrested so she can clear his name (he “apparently” committed suicide – I think he’s been murdered.) She lost her husband, she lost the life she loved, she’s lost her freedom (for now, I haven’t finished the book). Her daughters lost their father and potentially now their mother.

Have fun with this assignment! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. friday yet

Have a terrific weekend! I look forward to seeing you Monday.

Love, Mrs. H




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