Music in My Life

14 03 2013

Music in My Life 

Music causes many emotions in people. Emotions that vary from joy to extreme sadness depending on the type of music and the situation it is listened to. I listen to a variety of music, depending on my mood. My favorite types of music include rock and pop, music that I find unappealing are rap and country. I listen to music at different times for different reasons. Music definitely causes different reactions in me. Music affects most, if not all, people in some way.

I like rock (a variety of) and pop music. I enjoy listening to music that has a strong beat or a catchy tune. I find that this type of music usually makes me feel more upbeat and puts a hop in my stride. I like listening to Great Big Sea, Bare Naked Ladies, Bryan Adams, ACDC, Fleetwood Mac and ABBA. My favorite song is “Ordinary Day” by Great Big Sea. The song has a fantastic message that I try to apply to my life each day. The melody is also pretty catchy. Rap and Country music are two genres of music that I dislike. Rap, in my opinion, isn’t music .. it’s talking – more often than not about not nice things. Country music, with its twanging about a dog, love and its descriptions of how terrible life is, is depressing to me.

Each morning I am forced to listen to music. My kids listen to their iPods, in their docking stations, as they get ready for school. The music is loud. Some songs I like others I could do without. We sing along to Michael Jackson as we brush our teeth (we try not to dribble on the floor) or we dance around the house poking each other’s faces as we listen to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” (poke her face .. get it??) Some Sundays, as I put away laundry, I’ll listen to some music just to take away the boredom of making beds (I love “Soul Sister by Train).. music makes the time pass by quicker. When I drive I like to listen to music. If you pull up beside me, I may be one of those people whose mouth you see moving because I’m singing along to a song. Sometimes my music listening comes in the form of playing Guitar Hero World Tour with my daughter.

Different songs cause different reactions in me. There are a lot of songs that trigger memories, some that make me smile, some that make me sad. For example, any ABBA song makes me think of when I was 12 and went back to Holland to visit. My sister and I saw the ABBA movies and loved their songs. I still know most of the words to most of the songs. These are great memories! Whenever I hear the song “Unchained Melodies” by the Righteous Brothers I smile big because that was the first song my husband and I danced to at our wedding reception. The song “Amazing Love” brings tears to my eyes each time I hear it because it was my deceased dad’s favorite song. Sometimes when I’m angry or frustrated I like to listen to hard rock, like ACDC, because of the beat. Somehow it makes me feel better, and less angry.

Life without music would be very dull. Music enhances life. Rock and Pop music brings energy into my life whenever & wherever I listen to it. Some songs bring positive energy, some songs are entertaining and some songs bring me to tears. Regardless of my reaction to music, there is no doubt that life would be a little less interesting if we didn’t have music.




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