Yipee!!! Your first LA blog of the year!

26 09 2013

-number-clipart-6Finally … it’s time for your very first Reading Response …. on your new blog! I hope you’re as excited as I am! For your first blog … please answer the following questions in a new post (go to your dashboard, under posts click new):

1. Which book are you reading right now? Who is the author?

2. Why did you pick this book?

3. Do you like it? Why or why not?

4. Where do you like to read?

5. What kind of connection do you have with this book? Please describe just 1 connection briefly.

Before you begin .. read through my answers, hopefully they’ll help you. If you require more examples, read through some more of my posts from the last couple of years.

Here I go: I just at the end of a book by one of my favourite authors. It’s called “Blindman’s Bluff” by Faye KellermanBlindman's bluff. I picked this book because I recently bought her latest book but wanted to re-familiarize myself with what has been happening with Peter & Rina (characters who are a regular part of this series). So far, I LOVE it! It is full of mystery and I still have no idea who was the mastermind behind the heinous murder described at the beginning of the book.

I like to read in my living room, pictured below. I love stretching out on the couch or curling up at an end with a blanket. 

Now for my connection: I’m beginning to suspect that the murder victim’s brother, Mace, is behind the gruesome murders (his brother, sister-in-law, nephew and some staff) I think he is mad at his brother for letting him (Mace) take the fall in a embezzlement (stealing money) from their company. I’ve been mad at my kids  for lying about having homework or lying about what they have been doing or where they were. Not in a million years would I consider hiring a hit man to shoot them to death in their bedrooms. Instead, I choose to have conversations with them and taking away their Ipod or phone for a week or two.

Now it is your turn. Remember, answer my questions and write about a connection you have to a situation in the book or a character. Provide plenty of details. This first post will be formative. Good luck! I look forward to reading what you have to write!!

its-fridayHave a terrific weekend!

Love, Mrs. H




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