Finally! A Reading Response.

5 12 2013

FinallyHi! I am so looking forward to reading your responses. I know it’s been quite some time since our last one, but we have practiced it. Remember “A Mountain Legend?”. Here is what I would like you to do today: 1. Read my response. 2. Write the name of your book and its author. 3. Write a BRIEF summary of your book (or what you’ve read so far). 4. Write about a connection you have to your book (a situation, a character).

Here goes mine: I’m reading “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. Although I’ve already read it, I am re-reading it to re-familiarize myself with the characters and plot before reading the third novel in this trilogy.divergent_veronica_roth_a_p So far, Tris, the main character has decided to leave her “faction” (one of five groups you can belong to) and become Dauntless. She made this decision after taking a test to see in which faction she belongs. During the simulation test, Tris lies. There lies my connection.

Sadly, like Tris, I’ve lied. I’m not proud of it. Some little white lies (no, your hair does look good!) and some whoppers, usually  to get out of trouble. However, this usually meant my sister would get in trouble … until my parents figured out the truth and then I’d be punished more severely than if I would have told the truth from the start. For example, I accidentally broke a lamp one day and blamed my sister. Turns out she wasn’t at home when it happened and was able to prove it. So, my parents knew it was me. Grounded. 3 weeks.

Your turn. Remember that you can write about a connection, or a mature opinion about your book. Also, this one counts for marks. I look forward to reading what you have to say.

r6Have a terrific weekend! Just 2 more until Christmas holidays begin!

Love, Mrs. H




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